Overview of the Purposeful Path Program

A step-by-step framework for women to purposefully attract more passion, creativity, brilliance and simplicity into their lives. 8 dynamic modules over 3-to-4 months. Including:


MOdule 1: A snapshot of where you are now

The first step in living a purposeful life is to get real about how you are spending your days hence your life.



MOdule 2: From Confusion to Clarity

Get clear and specific, to connect deeply to what you want and what that will look and feel like. “Be the person jumping into the waterfall in Hawaii, not the one taking the picture.”



module 3: Inspiration and intention

It is time to set the vision and infuse it with passion and energy.  Create an Inspiration Board calling out what you want to attract into your life.

Module 4: Unearth your true self

Rediscover who you are at the core.  Understand what makes your heart sing and see the sparkle you bring to the world and those you love.

Module 5: Attitude of Gratitude

Enrich your life by guiding you to put on the brakes and notice the things you are grateful for.

Module 6: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Time, our inner critic, and fear can get in the way of living on purpose. Explore what is getting in your way.  

Module 7: Create your Purposeful Path

Refreshed and fired up with your passions ablaze and your purpose understood, it’s time to create your path.

Module 8: Walk your Talk

Take action towards what you want and set out on the path to “You Be YOU”.  Celebrate living life on purpose and bringing more passion, brilliance and simplicity into your life.